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CT2K10 Guest Announcement #1

It's a trio of names to announce this time around!

First, we're pleased as punch to welcome back GARY RUSSELL to our event. We'd also like to congratulate him on the 2-year renewal of "The Sarah Jane Adventures," on which he's script editor.

Second, if you like "Torchwood," you'll love our next guest, KAI OWEN. Kai plays Rhys on the show, and we're thrilled he will be joining us in Chicago.

Finally (for now!), we're excited to bring you TOBY HADOKE, who will be performing his acclaimed one-man show "Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf" on Saturday evening of the convention. (Toby will be worked hard the rest of the weekend, too, no doubt, on panels and such.)

Of course, these three are just the first wave of guest announcements we will be bringing you throughout the spring and summer. Like our slogan for this year says, "We're going to 11" and welcome you along for the ride.
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