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CT2K9: Get Your Torchwood On!

Just when you thought the guest list couldn't get any better, Chicago TARDIS proudly welcomes the following guest to her first non-California U.S. convention!


will be in the house on Thanksgiving weekend! Best known as Toshiko Sato from Torchwood, Ms. Mori will be appearing on panels and in autograph and photograph sessions throughout the weekend. (There will be an extra charge for her autograph and photograph sessions, payable at the session itself.)

More convention news for you:

** We have expanded the Reserved Seating section slightly, as we already sold out of the category prior to securing Ms. Mori as a guest. If you're interested in this membership level, you might want to get your ticket asap.

** As of today, 14 spots remain for the Sunday Brunch.

** The October 1 refund deadline fast approaches. If you've bought a membership already and have since found out you can't attend, you have until the 1st to request a refund. Check the memberships page of the CT website for more details.

** We anticipate announcing the fees for autograph and photograph sessions (for those guests where fees will be charged) the week of October 5th, in order to help your budgeting.

We're just two months away from a fantastic weekend, friends! Looking forward to seeing a lot of you there!
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