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Guests and Membership news

We've got a way-cool guest announcement that I'm going to save it for last, to make sure you note the other things in this email!

First of all, I wanted to remind you that membership prices go up on August 1. Buy now and save yourself a little money! Both Reserved and Regular Memberships are still available, along with a few spots in the optional Sunday Brunch.

Now for guests. Joining our little party as a guest for the first time, after many years as a regular attendee, is LYNNE THOMAS. Lynne co-edited the Mad Norwegian Press book "Chicks Dig Time Lords." In addition, she heads the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections at Northern Illinois University, where (amongst other things) she has spearheaded the archiving of several dozen SF authors' papers.

As for our other new guest... well, this fabulous woman hasn't been to Chicago since 1998. One of the most popular of Classic Series companions, she's an accomplished actress on stage and screen. We're so happy to welcome LOUISE JAMESON to Chicago TARDIS this year.

Hopefully, we'll be welcoming you, too, on Thanksgiving Weekend!
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