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CT2K9: New Guest!

What's a Doctor without his Companion? You WON'T have to find out at this year's Chicago TARDIS! We're happy to announce that


will be joining us (and Paul McGann!) at this year's event. Daphne, of course, played Dr. Grace Holloway in the 1996 Fox TV-Movie, and thus makes a perfect addition to the guest list.

We hope you'll join us, too, on Thanksgiving weekend (November 27-29). We will be announcing more guests throughout the spring and summer. We'll also in the next few weeks invite you to give us your thoughts on several ideas we've been contemplating to make CT2K9 the best con yet. Until next we meet, don't forget you can fan us over on Facebook and follow us on Twitter-- just click the links on the website! (

p.s. For those of you waiting on the hotel rate, my sincerest apologies, and my assurances that as soon as I know the pricing, so will you!
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