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Chicago TARDIS 2012 Guest-a-palooza!

We have a slew of guest announcements for you today!

Let's start off with some of our writer friends. We're pleased to welcome back DR. ARNOLD T. BLUMBERG ("Howe's Transcendental Toybox"), JONATHAN BLUM AND KATE ORMAN ("Seeing I," "Unnatural History" BBC 8th Doctor era novels), and GRAEME BURK AND ROBERT SMITH? ("Who Is The Doctor: The Unofficial Guide to Doctor Who"). They will be hopping on panels all weekend adding their wit and expertise to various topics.

It wouldn't be a Chicago TARDIS without Big Finish in the house. Joining co-executive producers JASON HAIGH-ELLERY and NICHOLAS BRIGGS will be companions LISA GREENWOOD (Flip Johnson, Sixth Doctor companion) and PHILIP OLIVIER (Hex, Seventh Doctor companion). Big Finish will be updating us all weekend on what's upcoming in their various audio lines, as well as signing autographs and meeting fans.

Next in our list of guest announcements are a pair of returnees. IAN MCNEICE brings Winston Churchill realness back to CT (and hopefully to the Masquerade judging, too!). Writer, raconteur, and website designer* TONY LEE will also be back, keeping us on our toes all weekend.

Finally-- what's having a Seventh Doctor Celebration without having the man with the masterplan as a guest? We're thrilled to announce that 7th Doctor era script editor ANDREW CARTMEL will be joining us Thanksgiving weekend for his first Chicago appearance.

For those of you waiting on Current Series guests, don't panic! We're just now reaching the point of the year where we can start booking them. Many of them have packed working schedules, so it's hard for them to know whether they can fit Chicago TARDIS into their calendars until it's closer to convention dates.

CHICAGO TARDIS 2012-- November 23-25, 2012 Westin Lombard Yorktown Center, Lombard, IL USA. Memberships and further information available at

*"Website designer"????? Yes, indeed. Be sure to stop by in order to marvel at the redesign Tony generously did for us. :)
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