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Is The A Doctor In the House?

Chicago TARDIS is celebrating the Seventh Doctor era this year with already-announced guests Sophie Aldred and Ben Aaronovitch. It wouldn't be a Seventh Doctor party, though, without the Seventh Doctor himself! We are so happy to welcome back Sylvester McCoy to our convention!

We will also be welcoming-- for his first Chicago visit-- writer and producer Phil Ford. Phil wrote the David Tennant episode "The Waters of Mars" the animated "Dreamland," the recent game "The Gunpowder Plot," and the Torchwood episode "Something Borrowed." He also served as both writer and producer on the beloved The Sarah Jane Adventures. We're looking forward to hearing his insights throughout the weekend!

For those wondering, hotel rate and online registration information will be coming soon-- perhaps by the end of the week. Oh, and there will be an additional charge for autographs and photographs with Sylvester.
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