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Guest Update Time

It's good news for Classic Series fans, but a hard blow for New Series geeks.

Let's get the bad news out of the way first: Alex Kingston has bowed out of this year's convention. She has a great new gig on the revived Upstairs Downstairs that precludes her materializing in Chicago convention weekend. We're as crushed as you are, of course-- but we also hope that she might be able to join us next year (work commitments not withstanding, of course).

(We are working on a New Series replacement for her, but can't guarantee anything at this point.)

Now for some guest additions. We start with several more writer guests. Local author Laura Enright will be joining us on Friday for all things bloodsucking. Author of Vampires' Most Wanted: THe Top 10 Book of Bloodthirsty Biters, Stake-weilding Slayers and Other Undead Oddities, Laura will both do a panel on vampires and sign copies of her book. Tara O'Shea, co-editor of the Hugo-winning Chicks Dig Time Lords will be with us all weekend. We're also happy to welcome back Robert Shearman to our convention. He's become quite the fixture! Pick up a copy of his latest anthology Everyone's Just So Special and have him sign it at the con.

Finally, we have a pair of Classic Companions to announce. What is a Doctor without his Companions? We're pleased to welcome back Sarah Sutton to our event. Sarah-- Nyssa in the classic series-- last appeared in 2002. We're happy she can reunite with her Doctor in Chicago. Also joining us-- and you might even SQUEE! when you read it-- is Janet Fielding! The actress who played Tegan hasn't been at a Chicago convention since 1985, so we're quite happy she'll be at Chicago TARDIS this year.

Keep in mind that all guest appearances are subject to professional commitments.

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