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Hello, sweetie!

Chicago TARDIS is thrilled to welcome a very special guest to this year's event. Join us in giving a big "Hello, Sweetie!" to ALEX KINGSTON Thanksgiving weekend. Alex, of course, plays River Song-- and has been an important part of the current Doctor's era. We're ecstatic she'll be coming to Chicago!

Alex will be joining our other guests, including Peter Davison, Jason Haigh-Ellery, Nicholas Briggs, Beth Chalmers, Ben Aaronovitch, Benjamin Cook, Toby Hadoke, Arnold T. Blumberg... and others still to be announced! Reserved seating is still available, but will sell out fast. And of course general admission memberships can be had, too! Get all the details at

Please note: The convention will be charging additional fees for autograph and photograph sessions with Alex. The prices will be announced shortly, and will be payable at the session.
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